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Playing with real money online – Bulgarian casinos

Online casinos have become extremely popular over the last years. This is now also the case in Bulgaria. Globally, the online gambling industry is extremely large. It’s not a secret that is worth billions. The rise of online casinos has attracted many more people to play online because of the convenience and various bonus offers. This is the very reason why players won’t be interested or comfortable in a land based casino anymore. Today, more and more people visit online casino sites to have fun while on vacation, at home, even when on the go via extended accessibility through portable devises like mobile and tablet.

Nowadays, no one can overlook the fact that smartphones are an essential part of our lives. Entertainment on the go is widely available. Software developers are producing casino-optimised mobile games. Increasingly, online casinos are focused on providing a quality mobile versions for tablets and smartphones. And not to miss – Apps.

Gambling regulations in Bulgaria

bulgarian casinos istinskipari.comOnline gambling in Bulgaria is regulated and legal. Of course, this applies to brands licensed by the National Gambling Commission. Here are some details about online gambling law in Bulgaria. As mentioned above, the Bulgarian market is regulated, meaning you can play safe. Also, to distinguish which online casinos are available in Bulgaria and are legal, you can read more here . In order to provide any gambling services to the population of Bulgaria, all gambling sites operating on the territory of the country must acquire an online gambling license for Bulgaria. They also commit to pay the relevant taxes to the country.

The legislation on online gambling in Bulgaria is quite strict for those who break the law. Even the most reputable, non-licensed online casinos are blocked from operating in the country. There are now more than 300 websites blocked by the online gambling authority. The list continues to grow. It is not possible to block all casinos that offer online gambling without a license. There are too many of them and new ones are constantly appearing. Thus, players can still place a bet at any unlicensed online casino if it happens to accept Bulgarian players.

All issues related to online gambling in Bulgaria are controlled and regulated by the Bulgarian Gambling Commission. The local gambling authority is responsible for issuing and revoking licenses, and creating bans/blacklists. They provide safe online gambling activity in Bulgaria. To play online casino with real money on the territory of Bulgaria, each player must be of legal age of 18 years.

Real money casino games

Whether you are a fan of the table games, slots or virtual ones, the Bulgarian online casinos offer excellent selection of them all! Of course, in general, some are more popular than others. Nevertheless, you can play with real money in reputable, licensed Bulgarian online casinos. They offer English version of their platforms and operate with euro as a currency as well. When you play with real money online your chances of winning are real too! The opportunity to win always exists when playing with real money.