Reply To: King Billy Casino Reviews by Players

Thomas Lermen

Direx N.V. provide a service what is illegal is switzerland and against the official law from the federal swiss authority. Also i informed the company several times i am addicted and they accept more deposits, duplicate account with the same information and void money.
No one cares about addiction, there is no blacklist, no support for addiction, and they aloud multiple accounts and deposits, winning will be void.
Special King Billy Casino accept deposit from a duplicat account, because my first one was closed and i forgot this completely. I wants to withdrawal my money, and the void the money straight away even in they terms is written- can be void, they dont ask why i open a duplicat, void the money straight away, rude staff, no support, no understanding, aloud addicted people continue gaming with the same datas. There is no protection, when it is enough to change the email address and open as an addicted person an new account. I ask the casino to refund my deposit so solved this case, they dont care.