Lotteries VS Casinos

Lotteries VS online casinos

What’s the difference?

Lotto agentEveryone who equates participation in lotteries online with online casinos is mistaken. These two gambling options have a number of differences:

Trust and warranties

Each service with which you can buy a lottery ticket online normally uses one of two business models. They either purchase you original lottery tickets in official sales points, providing you with scanned copies — each ticket containing a unique barcode and serial number. Or they insure your bet, the results of which are based on the results of a really existing lottery. Then, your prize will be paid to you by one of the A-class insurance companies. Whatever the method of winnings payout, they are both reliable and decent.

For example, if you join a well-known ticket intermediary service Lotto Agent, they will buy genuine lottery tickets for you, scan them and provide you with scanned copies, then publish the results, as well as records of official draws so that you can make sure that the published results are correct and real.

As for online casinos, unlike state lotteries, they are not regulated by any state organisation. You don’t know what specific mechanisms affect the game results and, moreover, these mechanisms are not controlled by any jurisdiction. When playing in an online casino, you should be aware that you don’t have any warranties. Moreover, many casinos operate in a number of regions illegally.


Lotto agentAs we mentioned above, online casinos don’t always operate legally in some countries. That is, when playing in such casinos, you act at your own risk and you are not legally protected at all. As for the services that offer you to play tickets online, they buy real tickets of state lotteries for you, which is legal in most regions.

Amount of winnings

A very important aspect: no casino can offer you a truly huge amount of money. Any casino prize pool is always limited by many factors, while you can win an unlimitedly giant amount of money in the lottery. For example, in 2016, Powerball raffled a $ 1.6 billion Jackpot, which was scooped and shared between three winners.
Lotteries on all counts surpass the casino and we have no doubt what exactly to advise you. If you want to play lotteries online, we can recommend you one of the most famous services with which you can buy tickets of 20+ state lotteries from different countries — Lotto Agent.