Responsible Gambling in Softswiss Online Casinos

Play safe at Softswiss online casinos. Here you will find out what Responsible Gambling is.
There is an important point at Terms and Condition page of Softswiss online casinos. But only a few players read it. Probably, you also did not even open this section and probably did not carefully checked what it is about, considering that the information written there is none of your concern.

We are talking about the Responsible Gambling rules. It is dedicated to the methods available in the casinos to help players to avoid gambling problems and not to gamble more than you can afford.
No matter how generous online casinos can be, you should not blindly follow the impulse and throw everything on the altar of gambling. Gambling should be taken as an entertainment, and not as a 100% effective way to earn big money. Lady Fortune is not always kind to gamblers.
Unreasonable risk can lead to an instant balance reset and, as a result, to disappointment in gambling. The inability to control oneself and make bets in real money thoughtlessly can badly affects your bank account.
It may seem that Softswiss online casinos are cunning when they offer its players responsible gambling methods. Yes, some of them are interested in you losing as much as possible. But reliable and trusted online casinos understand that you should not gamble away your life savings without stepping foot out of your home. It is more profitable for them that you stay their client for many years and every time you come back to online casinos with pleasure.

Basic principles of Responsible Gambling in online casinos

It is not possible to avoid risks totally. However, there are several methods that can help you to significantly minimize the costs and enjoy online gambling. Following simple rules, each player can lose less frequently.

Personal limits

Many online casinos allow players to independently set various account limitation. You will not be able to change them during the game process.
Main options:

  • Time limits. In your personal account, you can specify how long you can play in the online casino. Once the limit is reached, you will not be allowed to play anymore. You can continue the game only after a certain period.
  • Deposit limits. Also, online casinos allow you to set the maximum amount of deposit that you can make during the day, week or month. If you want to extend the limitations, you will have to wait some time (for example, seven days) before the changes take effect.
  • Loss Limit. Similarly, player has a right to set a limit on his losses in the online casino for a day, a week, or a month. You should specify in advance how much you can afford to lose. Once you reach the limit, the game for today is over for you.
  • Cooling-off Limit. It is useful for any player to take a break wait a bit before to start playing again. You can set up cooling off limit for a specific period. Before its expiration, you will not be allowed to play, even if you beg the support team or administration representatives.
  • Self-exclusion limit. If you decide that you have enough to play in an online casino, you can temporarily block your account. Theoretically, you do this forever, but in most online casinos it is allowed to re activate the account in 6 months, 9 months, or 1 year.
  • Cooperation with relevant gambling companies

    All reliable online casinos provide contact details of international gambling companies that are ready to help gambling addicted players.
    Gamblers Anonymous (
    Gambling Therapy (
    GameCare (
    Gamble Aware (
    The staff of the above companies are ready to help you if you are faced with gambling addictions. They speak different languages. Do not hesitate to contact them if you need any help.
    Despite the fact that these independent companies make a lot of efforts to protect players from unfair gambling casinos, the responsibility lies only on the shoulders of the player. Only self-control will allow you to get maximum pleasure from the game.
    Stay tuned on and you will learn about Softswiss casinos who break Responsible gambling rules. Some online casinos activate the accounts of players who previously asked to delete their accounts, sending them newsletter with information about current casino promotions. They can also pass the contact details of the self-excluded players to partner online casinos.
    Do not hesitate to inform us if you have faced in with unethical and irresponsible gambling behavior on the part of any Softswiss casinos.