🥇 Best SoftSwiss Casinos ( DIREX NV )

🔍 If you’re looking for Softswiss casino online then we have you covered! Here at Softswiss-Casinos you will find only top selected online casinos powered by Softswiss( Direx N.V ), N1 Interactive ltd and others. 🔥 Hot Topics: → New softswiss casinosSoftswiss casinos with bitcoinHow to choose an online casinoHow to submit a casino complaintInterested to buy a Softswiss casino?Best n1 casinos → Australian casinos → Swedish casinosCanadian casinos

Best softswiss casinos 2020













New softswiss casinos 2020














Top casinos in 2020











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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Latest casino reviews 2020

Our in-house casino testing team reviewed every single softswiss white label casino and only the best online casinos are added to our listings. While you are on our site you don’t have to be concerned about what casino to pick, all casinos bellow are trusted and secure. Playing casinos for real money maybe is fun but make sure you are 18+, gambling responsible is taken seriously and not less important that the law in your country of residence permits you to gamble!

♥ How to choose a good online casino

It’s not easy to choose a good casino from the enormous list of casinos you find on the internet, we count around 5000 online casinos. The good news is that we selected for you best online casinos here on our site. If you want to go independently for a casino search this are the criterias you must check before signing in:

  • ✔️before opening a new casino account, make sure your country is listed on the registration form
  • ✔️ only fast loading site, a site that loads fast on your mobile.
  • ✔️ the casino must be translated in your language, otherwise we may end up talking with google translator customer support agent.
  • ✔️check the games list.
  • ✔️concrete terms and condition for bonus requirements
  • ✔️deposits and cash-out methods
  • ✔️bitcoin availability
  • ✔️use a new email you create for every specific casino ( this why you will know who is spamming you, there are too many spamming casinos these days. )

🎩 Softswiss casinos anonymous ?

Many softswiss casinos tag them-self as fully anonymous casinos, but this is nothing more than a marketing move.
None of the softswiss casinos are fully anonymous.
Why Softswiss casinos are not anonymous:
❌ Players are required to intro email, name and in some cases phone number.
❌ ID verification if not on registration but on withdrawal is a must in all softswiss casinos.
If you want to stay fully anonymous, there is only one casino 1xbit. 1xBit no email, no name or phone number required.
✅ 1xBit Casino full anonymous casino. Click here to register at 1xBit. Click here to register at KingBit Casino (email required) .

♥ Australian Softswiss Casinos

Australian players lately play a lot on softswiss casinos. We have selected you 4 great casinos for your enjoyment. Tons of amazing pokies! Aud currency is available on all 4 casinos. Super fast cash outs. Bitcoins and other crypto inside. Click here to visit Australian softswiss casinos page.

♥ Swedish Softswiss Casinos

Swedish market has been regulated onJan 1-st 2019. Due to too many Spelinspektionen restrictions and super powerful gambling responsible tools, most of the heavy swedish players are looking for casinos without license, this is not something good for the players and and definitely this is not good for the economy of Sweden. We strongly advise you to play only on swedish regulated casinos. And if you still keep looking for casino utan svensk licens, we have them too, visit here a dedicated swedish softswiss casinos page.

♥ Canadian Softswiss Casinos

For Canadian visitors we have a strong bitcoin guide called CanadianBitcoinCasinos.com. On CanadianBitconCasinos.com you will find tons of reviews, lots of promotions, and best Interac online casinos offers. Visit here our bitcoin casino site.

⊕ About Softswiss-casinos.com

Softswiss-casinos.com is an online casino catalog guide. We started this project back in 2018 and the main idea was to list only online casinos powered by casino provider Softswiss ( Direx N.V. ). Fortunately time is changing, and our projects as well.
During 2019 and 2020 we received many requests from our loyal visitors, and tons of partnership requests from affiliate managers to add more casinos and expand our casino catalog. We like the idea of adding more brands. This strategic move will create for our visitors a wider variety of new online casinos, more game studios availability,and definitely more content that is already showing huge added value for our audience.

🥁 New Softswiss Casinos

New Softswiss Casinos is our second most visited section of the site after our Homepage. We list only new Softswiss casinos that even being new have crystal clear reputation. On our new softswiss casinos page we added a section of other new casino white labels ( non softswiss brands ). On top of that we started to add all the renovated online casinos, that introduced a new concept or turn 180 degrees it’s look and feel. Click here to visit our new Softswiss casinos page.

📚 All softswiss casinos

All softswiss casinos use to be one of our top 5 by visitors page before 2019. Today we still have this page, but we list all the casinos, not just the casinos that are operated by Softswiss. One of our favorite casinos in this section is Zet Casino, read review here. Amazing slots and huge jackpots guaranteed!

☢️ New Softswiss Crypto Casinos

Crypto casinos are becoming more popular every year, and we feel that 2020 is the real domination of the industry by the crypto casinos. The key point here is anonymous gambling. Attention a casino that is taking your private information is no longer anonymous. The only anonymous casino we are aware of is crypto casino and sportsbook 1xbit ( not a softswiss casino ), here you don’t have to share even your email, additional added value: instant payouts, biggest selection of crypto deposit and withdrawals methods. All softswiss casinos require a full registration process, therefore none of the softswiss casinos are anonymous.

🎁 Softswiss Casinos bonuses

We at Softswiss-casinos.com believe that online casinos are not about bonuses and free-spins, online casinos are for those players that simply want entertainment in the form of gambling, therefore you will not see a single bonus information beside the information on the actual casino review. So if you are looking for casino bonuses – we have them, but we always recommend you to gamble on your own money so if you get lucky and win a significant amount, you will be entitled to cashout without any hassle or crazy conditions.

👑 Softswiss Casinos with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is probably the best, easiest and the most anonymous method of payment at any casinos that are powered by Curacao Jurisdiction. Casinos with bitcoin will always offer you a bigger bonus than any other fiat casino.
We believe that trust and security is one of the most important subjects for players at any casino. If you are looking for a trusted and secure bitcoin casino we recommend you to try KingBit Casino ( not a softswiss casino ), the newest and best bitcoin casino based on our visitors and our team.

🥇 Softswiss Casinos – How we rank casinos

We don’t rank them, or better to say we don’t rank online casinos anymore, it’s a known fact ranking is not an actual ranking is just a manipulation driven by money between the casinos and the affiliate site. Who pays more that one gets more attention. So how do we rank casinos ? We recommend selecting any casinos of first line casinos ( 4 ), these are our bestsellers online casinos. The others are as good as the first line, we just don’t have more space for in the first line…LoL.

📦 Softswiss Casinos White Label

Ready to start a casino business?, consider yourself lucky!
Only at Softswiss-casinos  here you will be offered consulting and assistance during the process till signature with major white label providers in the industry. We have them all. Complete the form, and get in touch with our white label expert today! We guarantee the best offer and best white label prices!!! We speak English, Russian, Romanian and Hebrew.

🎲 Softswiss Casinos Game Studio

When it comes to casino games , and especially video slots we have one of the best experts in the industry that created a large portfolio of slot games for major operators in the industry. The game studio has no connection with Softswiss, it is a private company. For more info submit your request here and our business developer will get in touch with you.

🚫 Softswiss Casinos Blacklist

We don’t blacklist any online casinos, at Softswiss-casinos you will not find a blacklisted casinos section.There are some criterias that will push us to take action, one of the major criterias cheating players and cheating affiliates.
What do we do in such cases? We simply don’t list casinos with bad reputation and if the specific casino is listed in our casino catalog we remove it from our guide with immediate effect.

🤝 Softswiss Casinos Affiliation

Want to make money in an online casino business? We are looking for partners!
Have excellent writing skills? Your age is above 18? – contact us for details.
Free training – all the aspects of the affiliate business, access to 50+ casino programs, and the website is on us. Enroll Today!

🧑‍⚖️ Submit a complaint on any softswiss casino

We offer every visitor from any location on planet Earth to submit a complaint on any softswiss casino, and if you wish without revealing your identity.
Here is a quick guide how to submit a complaint on any softswiss casino:

  • ✔️ email to us your complaint – problems [] softswiss-casinos.com
  • ✔️ Please make sure you send us in details about the complaint.
  • ✔️ you will receive an email confirming we start to act on your behalf
  • ✔️ before we publish will try to deal with your complaint with the casino, the casino will have 3 full days to react, if there is no feedback we will post it in our forum.

Before 2019 our forum was open to everyone, that time anyone could post a question or a complaint, recently our business guys decided to lock this option, reason was too many fake complaints, from fake users and believe it or not – from 1 casino to another casino.

📶 Softswiss Casinos Timeline ( section not updated )

If you have a softswiss white label and want to submit your casino in our timeline, feel free to email us timeline [] softswiss-casinos.com , the only detail we require is your logo, date of your launch, should be easy.

🍺 Softswiss Affiliate Platform

Read here how good is the softswiss affiliate platform, check up the difference between old and new softswiss affiliate platform. Experts opinion!

🤝 New Affiliate Partnerships with Softswiss-Casinos.com.

Details on RichAff dot com. Pls mention softswiss-casinos.com in your request.

🤔 You have a question on Softswiss, probably you have an answer here

Softswiss – a software company, that is specialising in bitcoin casinos, Softswiss owns a casino platform, affiliate platform and payment aggregator.

All softswiss casinos listed on our site are safe to play.

All you need to do is simply pick a casino from our list above, enter email, password, currency and you are set!

Yes! All softswiss casinos(direx nv) are accepting bitcoins.

Fast withdrawals are never an issue at Softswiss casinos listed on our site!

We strongly recommend to consult our team! We will save you time and money 🤑 ! Read here how and why!

BGaming – New Provider of Casino Games owned by SoftSwiss

What is BGaming? It is a renowned online casino software developer that is rebranding its online casino game content. Being the first Random Number Generator game provider to support bets in crypto currencies. Bgaming today boast a large audience of gamblers worldwide with their slots, card games and roulettes.

History of BGaming

Bgaming drives its history from SoftSwiss itself that builds on the community of professionals driven by the best slot development practices. Dating back to 2012 BGaming has built its foundation on the words “best gaming”.

Since 2013 the company started to develop a portfolio of Full HD casino games and slots online. The same year BGaming pioneered in the cryptocurrency gaming market by making their games ‘Bitcoin friendly’. All slots are equipped with Provable Fairness feature based on cryptography.

In 2017 their business was re-established under the trademark BGAMING closing some rounds of financing and welcoming several key casino industry veterans to join their team. The brand shares the vision of “Best Gaming” and has the passion for growing the best in the industry having all-star crew on board.

Today in 2018 the team behind BGAMING is driving the change by offering the most innovative features on the market. We are watching and hope they will become another leading game provider like NetEnt or Microgaming.

Softswiss Casino White Label

While starting your own online casino is an attractive perspective and iGaming is a very lucrative business, it is not easy to enter this highly competitive market. Choosing the right software platform is one thing and is crucial. However, there is a whole bunch of other questions to settle before you can actually take your first deposit, from the legal matters and payment processing to creating a pool of games and organising first line support. Since time to-market is one of the key success factors for any start up, it is critical to find an optimal way to launch the new project that would minimise the time-to- market and help save the operator’s efforts.

Softswiss White label structure

The widely used industry practice that helps start an online casino from scratch is White Label. The main idea behind it is that an operator gets quick access to the ready-to- use casino. The website is designed and branded individually according to the operator’s expectations and is located on a separate domain so that players see it as a completely independent online casino, so in this sense it doesn’t differ from any standalone casino and provides the same gaming experience.

Licensing a Softswiss white label

The difference starts from the gaming license. While in a standalone casino an operator applies for his own license in a preferred jurisdiction (the process which takes from several weeks to several months), with White Label all legal aspects are settled by the provider. The casino is legally operating under the provider’s existing gaming license and doesn’t need to go through the tedious application process.
Instant access to the ready-to- use financial infrastructure is another benefit on White Label.

Softswiss ready to go solution

Opening a merchant account and making agreements with electronic payment system providers can be tricky and time-consuming, so a possibility to organise payment processing with the help of the service provider saves time and efforts and allows concentrating on other important things, such as promotion and marketing.The same with games. With the right choice of the White Label solution provider, an operator can get access to a large pool of games from the world best companies without signing contracts with each of them and going through the complicated integration process.

Softswiss white label casino price

Besides the quicker time-to- market, a significant advantage of a White Label casino is the affordability in terms of set up pricing. The entrance costs are considerably lower than those you handle with a standalone casino. And since you have plenty of time to concentrate on marketing, the chances to quickly start earning profits increase.

Softswiss white label summary

To sum it up, the most evident benefits of an online casino operating under a White Label are quick time-to- market, well-organized payment processing, legal operation with no extra hassle, reduced entrance costs, and plenty of time to concentrate on marketing and retention. So, if you succeed in finding a reliable service provider who does not only deliver quality software, but provides a turnkey solution and either takes over the incorporation and licensing procedures, your new business will also succeed.

Interested to buy a softswiss white-label? Send us request here