Softswiss affiliate platform

Probably best affiliate platform this days

Softswiss Affiliate Platform Independent review

Softswiss Affiliate Platform. Depends how you run your business, but while talking about softswiss white labels, affiliates and affiliation in general plays a very important role if not the most important role. Therefore softswiss business team decided to build from scratch a separate product / platform for affiliate services.
πŸ” An amazing idea!
softswiss affiliate platform

Difference between old and new softswiss affiliate platform

Just to remind you before 2019 all softswiss casinos offered affiliate instruments through player account. The process was very simple and to be honest we consider till today old softswiss affiliate program best affiliate platform after CellXpert and MyAffiliates affiliate system.
Why do we consider old softswiss affiliate platforms better than the new one? See below all the important functions based on our experts.

Old Affiliate Platform

βœ… From the start the affiliate will test the player registration process, since that was the only way to create an affiliate account, via player account. This feature was a huge added value in our opinion.
βœ… Live stats which are amazing! – comparing with Netrefer or Income Access that stats and reports are delayed 24-48 hours.
βœ… Easy profile creation
βœ… Marketing tools ( banners, logos )
βœ… Easy earnings cash-out process
βœ… Live xml feeds, enabled with deposit amounts and withdrawal amounts, these fields permitted easily to spot the casinos with exaggerated admin fee.
βœ… The casino can’t add or remove any field which was very good.
❌ Cannot be added any additional casinos on same user account

New Affiliate platform

βœ… Separate page and login for affiliates, that is ok, this is the standard this days, but we still liked the old one.
βœ… Live stats – we are still testing it.
βœ… Profile ( trackers ) creation is a mess, you have to click on campaign, click add promo, select landings from a long list of urls the relevant one, and then press next and you get your link. complicated in our opinion! Doable but could be done easier. (fixed )
βœ… Marketing tools same as the profiles( trackers ) ( fixed)
βœ… Cashout process is very easy
❌ Live xml feeds, but no longer includes the fields, deposits and withdrawals.
❌ The casino can enable or disable any field they want.
βœ… Can be added more than one casino
❌ Cashouts sum – bug ( showing cash-outs amounts even if the amounts are played )

The disadvantages with the new softswiss affiliate product that the casinos can enable or disable important fields for running a successful business.

Other than that the affiliate platform is really good, and 100% much better than Netrefer or Income Access.
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