Coinspaid – a new crypto payment processor powered by SoftSwiss

Coinspaid is a new crypto payment gateway

Coinspaid provides the customers with an high-end and stable solution that enables cloud-based processing of crypto payments worldwide.

CoinsPaidCoinsPaid is the name of a new organisation launched by the same software development team that is behind the world’s first provably-fair online casino and the first security audited crypto exchange. The crypto-currency payment services provided by the Coinspaid company makes it possible for clients to operate worldwide, decrease their operational costs, and conquer new markets with the help of reliable crypto processing methods. There are over 50 cryptocurrencies available as of the 6th of March including Bitcoin and dozens of Altcoins.

Since the popularity and market share of cryptocurrency payments is still reaching new heights, many online casinos with the Curacao licence (including SoftSwiss casinos) accept payments with cryptocurrencies. The founders of Coinspaid believe that if the customer is not taking advantage of cryptocurrencies, they are fighting windmills. To survive the fierce competition between hundreds of new payment services, they have launched a stable solution that customers can fully trust.

With “first things first” philosophy the team behind Coinspaid have prioritized the quality above quantity which reflects in the number of features available. Moreover, according to CCO of SoftSwiss, more features are to be launched later in Q2 2019.

Why CoinsPaid is better

With CoinsPaid we finally received the ability to fully control cryptocurrency wallets used for processing. — Says Max Trafimovich, CCO at SoftSwiss

As we mentioned above, the dev team at CoinsPaid and SoftSwiss have joined forces to create a truly outstanding product packed with a full range of services including but not limited to sending and receiving payments worldwide (cloud-based processing) as well as all range of services related to cryptocurrencies. Besides being one of the most robust solution for cryptocurrency payment processing, the Coinspaid service features a reliable and professional technical support and all possibilities for product advancement. The professional software development team is highly skilled and experienced in the field of cryptocurrencies which allows them to influence the whole industry by making simple and reliable payment processing services accessible for all businesses, no matter what size the company is or what type of business they are involved in.

Coinspaid Homepage

The look of Coinspaid’s homepage as of March 2019

As for online casino industry, the CoinsPaid has been met with extreme appreciation from players. The online casino customers value the simplicity and the pace of transactions processes by this crypto payment service. There are no complicated interfaces or hard-to-read instructions – crypto-transfers are done straight from players’ wallets, which is super easy and smart. The simplicity inherent in the service is especially beloved by the convenient players that are not familiar with the world of Crypto Gambling.

The world of currency- and crypto brokers has also found Coinspaid services as ‘groundbreaking’. According to ICE3X Crypto Exchange, Coinspaid is “the only crypto processor where they have full confidence in the technological performance and security of the transactions done on the platform”. They also value the integrity of the service founders since they have know-how in the industry and develop their own products for quite a long time.

Why pick CoinsPaid over others

CoinsPaid is set to take over the crypto payment processing industry.

In fact, there are plenty of things that make CoinsPaid one of the most profound and reliable crypto payment processor in the industry. Not to mention the founders that have over 10 years of experience in the processing business and 5 years of experience working with Cryptocurrencies on large-scale products.

With the combined expertise and competences of over one hundred people the team behind the company have included over 50 crypto-assets incl. so-called “stable coins” while maintaining simple and quick API for all operations. CoinsPaid services come at competitive pricing which is a prerequisite feature for ready-to-implement business solutions in the Crypto world. Cloud-based management system allows implementation of different access rights out-of-the-box; the system is easy to use and learn.

Coinspaid currencies

The currencies available at Coinspaid

As internal product at SoftSwiss, CoinsPaid has been in operation since 2014, and was not visible to public audience as separate product.

What SoftSwiss Casinos say about Coinspaid

We have been partners with CoinsPaid for a while. We receive reliable technical support and product advancement from the team. The payment gateway has great capacity and handy operation panel. Hope for long and favorable cooperation ahead.

— Srdjan Kapor, Marketing manager at Bitstarz

Bitstarz is one of the best online casinos powered by SoftSwiss platform. In December 2018 they announced that they began to use Coinspaid services for the crypto payment processing.

CoinsPaid is loved by our players for its simplicity. There is literally nothing to learn. There’s no need to enter additional web-pages –transfers can be done straight from wallets, it is easy and fast. This is particularly important and convenient for players who are new to cryptocurrencies.

— Brian Mason, Casino host at Betchain Casino.

Betchain is another award-winning online casino that enables gambling for crypto money. As you can see, the team at Betchain values simplicity over anything else.

Overall, almost all online casinos by SoftSwiss that offer BGaming slots make use of CoinsPaid for their Bitcoin and Altcoin transactions. The platform features innovative things and enables managing the transactions in a simple and secure way, where the clients have 100% control over the statistical data and system management.

The integration speed of CoinsPaid

Coinspaid team offers unlimited support during the integration phase.

The CoinsPaid team boasts of the same professionalism and speed when it comes to integration of the newer features and technologies. If you are interested in CoinsPaid services, all you need is to reach them out via the contact form on their website and complete the questionnaire. In short time you will be contacted by your personal manager. The typical integration of CoinsPaid API takes 1 business day depending on the difficulty and scale of a project.

To finalize

Since Cubits there has not been any more secure and reliable solution than CoinsPaid, and more businesses have begun implementing the services of crypto payment processor CoinsPaid due to the state of disarray of their direct and most fierce competitor – Cubits. While Cubits is losing its opportunities due to legal issues, CoinsPaid service continue to grow in popularity both among ordinary users and companies that offer various services in the field of Crypto Currencies.

We at highly recommend to take a look at this crypto processing service.