How to explain the fraze “ Players always want to win”

It happened to most of the players, that at lists once but a bet can turn into a profit, but how many players cashed out and never returned? None.
Will describe this subject more in details, how it starts, what happens next, how dangerous this can be.

Usually a new player, a player that never gambled before is attracted via various channels, most popular player recruiting channels are an ads on tv during a sports event, on streets, metro, buses, on a streaming movie website or based on friend recommendations.

A casual player is self recruiting by doing google searches for specific gambling related keywords , for example “ best softswiss casino”, “ best bitcoin casino”, or “anonymous bitcoin casino” and usually landing to an affiliate site, as our project
Many tests and hours of analysis prove that a vip casino player or a high-roller lands to a casino after numerous money related key-searches as example “ real money casino” or “casino with credit cards”. This is basically how all starts.

We found out how players are landing to gambling sites, now what happened next? Next is simple – registration and a first deposit to a casino or a sports betting site. After registration and deposits your personal information including your payment details are fully disclosed to the casino site. But no worries, this process this day is totally secure, of course this is relevant if you picked absolute trusted and established brands, therefore your information and deposit are safe. Note: Average first deposit in 2019 is between 50 – 100 EUR. What is next?

Next is that you are given a free deposit bonus, this days 100% bonus is a default offer, so on your 100 eur deposit , now you have 200 eur on your balance. The bonus usually is tied up to a wagering requirement of at list X 35 the amount of bonus, to cashout the 100 euro bonus you have to roll in bets 3500 eur. Remember while gambling your real money balance goes first and than bonus, so if you try to cash-out your balance, this will be subject to wagering.We always recommend to reject the bonuses, and play just on real money.
Registration, deposit and welcome bonus process is covered, next is start gambling on casino games and placing bets on sport events. And we get closer to the point why players always want to win, it looks like a nonsense, but it is not a simple fraze, it is actually the main point why gambling exists as a business. Will try to elaborate in details.

Why players always want to win = When players lose all the money goes to the casino, when players win the money still goes to the casino since we always want to win.

You asking how “ if i won money how it goes to the casino?” Simple. Player wins one time,two time, three times and players still wants to win more, this is a psychological gambling game between the player and it’s endorphins. In other words, even if winnings are cashed out player never stops, he returns and redeposits the money back in the casino. This is why the popular phrase in our industry is so true – “players on long term lose” and “house always win”.